Look chic and patriotic this upcoming national day!

Red top or white bottoms? White bottoms or red top?

Every year, dressing for National Day is tricky – especially if you want to avoid looking like a cheesy, walking & talking spokesperson for the nation. Unlike the French or the Americans, you can’t always spice up your outfit with a dash of denim, and it’s also difficult to just wear the design of the flag on your clothes, like the British or Mexicans.

It almost seems like a sad either-or fashion situation: either you look overly-patriotic (which is fine, if that’s what you’re going for), or actually stylishly pull off a red-and-white ensemble.

From using jewellery to inject a pop of red to your outfit to embracing the red-and-white hues in gingham prints, get inspired by some of the chicest streetwear featuring the good ol’ red and white color combo in the gallery above!

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