Drink adequate amounts of water.

Water is a vital nutrient in your diet and plays many important roles in your body. If you do not consume enough hydrating fluids each day, you run the risk of being dehydrated. Most adults need at least eight 8-oz glasses of hydrating fluids daily. However, some experts recommend consuming up to 10–13 glasses daily.
Sipping hot water throughout the day can also help you detox.
If you are physically active or perspire a lot during the day or during physical activity, you’ll need to replace the fluid lost in addition to your regular daily intake.
Consume caffeine-free and sugar-free beverages, as these are the healthiest and most hydrating. Items like water, flavored water, decaf coffee, and decaf tea are appropriate.
Dehydration has many negative side effects ranging from very minimal issues to more serious health effects. Some include: fatigue, mental fogginess, headaches, mood swings, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections

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