Cast & Creative Behind ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ Discuss Patriotism, Supremacy, and Captain America’s Mantle

The Undefeated hosts a roundtable discussion with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, series lead Anthony Mackie, and more to discuss the original series!

Blood on the Shield and How It Changes the Symbol
Throughout the series so far, the show has been exploring what the shield means as a symbol. However, at the end of Episode 4, in a very public display, John Walker executes a Flag Smasher with Captain America’s shield.

The kitchen battle wages on, its final outcome unknown to the participants. But to the people watching in the warm darkness

For the cat and mouse are Tom and Jerry, and this, of course is a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

“Steve Rogers, to some degree, was the ideal, not of America, but [of] doing the right thing and always having the best intentions,” shares Nate Moore. “As soon as you put blood on the idea of something, I think that’s pretty powerful. Everybody in the show is struggling with the ideal because the ideal is not the reality anymore.”

“For Sam, for Bucky, for John Walker, for Karli, for Sharon. Everybody’s trying to reconcile  and Marvel Studios the notion of the ideal with reality,” continues Moore.there is a dissonance there.”

“In terms of the blood, it’s like, again, the reality.

Moore adds, “While I don’t think our intention was to rip from the headlines [of] what is happening, I do think thematically, it is sort of interesting to interrogate that idea, and figure out how then do you reconcile this this thing that, again, is a symbol of the ideal with the reality of how sometimes it is deployed.


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